How to predict death of a person? । How can you predict the death of any person?

 How to predict death of a person?

 Dhanvantari Adi Ayurvedacharyas have described 100 types of death in their texts, in which there are 18 major types.  In all of the above, there is only one death and the rest is considered as premature death.  Kaal death means when the body completes its life and premature death means death due to some disease, accident, murder, suicide etc.  Actually, before any disease comes in the gross body, it comes in your subtle body six months before, that is, if it is treated on the subtle body only six months before, then many diseases can be conquered.  On the other hand this subtle body also knows whether accident is about to happen or suicide.  The subtle body is always alerting us.


 Ayurveda diagnosis and therapy is the only effort to prevent premature death.  Dhanvantari has given every measure of the modulation of age.  According to Ayurveda, it also has 3 distinctions – 1. Aadidaivik, 2. Aadibhautik and 3. Spiritual.  Adidaivik and Adibhautik death yogas can be avoided by using tantra and astrology, but spiritual death cannot be tampered with in any way.


 Therefore, after the appearance of signs of death, proper diagnosis should be made after astrological assessment.  What are the symptoms when a person is about to die prematurely?  Knowing the symptoms, ways to avoid death can be found.  According to Ayurveda, the treatment of very serious diseases is very short, simple and accessible provided that we are aware of it and we become alert ahead of time.  So let’s know that some special symptoms prevalent in the society related to prior information of death.

How can you predict the death of any person?

1. According to Ayurveda, a strange smell starts coming from the human body before death.  The result of avoiding any internal disease for a long time is that the body is almost dead from within.  Dogs and cats are able to smell this smell of death by their strong olfactory power, but normal humans cannot detect it.  These animals make different sounds when they sense the smell of death.

2. If a person is seriously ill and red ants start gathering around him, then understand that now only a few days are left.


3. If a person has been breathing through the mouth for more than a week, then understand that death is near.


4. The person whose breathing is running very short and he is not getting any kind of peace, then it is difficult for him to escape.  Symptoms of disorganized nasal tone usually appear 2-3 days before death.


5. It is said that a person who is breathing continuously for a day and night only through the right nostril (except cold and cold), then it is reported to be home of some serious disease.  If he does not pay attention to this, then his death is certain in three years.


6. Whose south breathing continues for two-three days continuously, then such a person should be considered a guest of one year in the world.  If both the nostrils continue for 10 days with continuous upward breathing, then a person lives for three days only.  If the breathing air starts leaving both the nostrils and starts moving through the mouth, then its death should be known before two days.


7. When getting up, while sitting or while traveling, suddenly there is darkness in front of the eyes.  If these symptoms persist for two-three weeks, then immediately one should take refuge in yoga, ayurveda and meditation or consult a good doctor.


8. There is also a symptom related to the weakness of the eyes, that the person starts having the illusion of being someone else’s face by not seeing his face in the mirror.


9. When a person is not able to see even the light emanating from the moon, sun or fire, then such a person will also live for a few more months, there are such possibilities.


10. When a person is unable to see his reflection in water, in oil, in the mirror or if the shadow starts appearing distorted, then such a person lives only six more months.

11. Those people whose death remains for one month, they also start seeing their shadow separately from themselves.  Some people do not even see the head of their shadow.


12. Whose feces, urine and semen and sneeze fall simultaneously, his age is only one year left, it should be understood that.


13. Whose semen, fingernails and the corners of the eyes become blue or black in color, then the life of a person ends between six to one year.


14. When a person’s body suddenly turns yellow or white and some red appears from above, then it should be understood that that person is going to die in six months.


15. A person who suddenly starts seeing and tasting the colors like blue-yellow etc.

16. When a person’s mouth, tongue, ears, eyes, nose become stunned, that is, stoned, it is believed that the time of death of such a person is also going to come after about six months.


17. If a person whose tongue suddenly swells, pus starts coming out of his teeth and his health starts deteriorating very much, then suppose that the life of that person is only six months left.


18. If dark, copper colored, red, blue, turmeric-like lines emerge on the patient’s abdomen, then the patient’s life is in danger, it is said.


19. If a person grabs his hair and hair and pulls them and they get uprooted and he does not feel pain, then the patient’s life is complete, it should be believed.


20. If you close your ears with your hands, you should not hear any sound, and suddenly the fat body becomes lean and the lean body becomes fat, then death occurs in a month.  Normally a person hears some sound when you put your hand on your ear but the person whose end time is near stops hearing any kind of sounds.


21. Exactly three-four days before death, a person feels at all times that someone is around him.  He keeps feeling the presence of a shadow with him.  It may also happen that the person has a feeling of being with his dead ancestors.  This feeling is the information of death.


22. With the passage of time, if a person becomes unable to see the tip of his nose, it means that he is going to die soon, because his eyes slowly start turning upwards and at the time of death the eyes are full.  Kind of turn upwards.


22. If a person is surrounded by blue colored flies and most of the time these flies start living around the person, then it should be understood that the person’s age is only one month left.


24. Every day a dog starts following you after leaving the house and if this happens continuously for three to four days then you need to be alert.


25. If the left hand keeps twitching continuously for a week without any reason, then it should be understood that death is near due to any reason.

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